AfTen Corporation

Helps Businesses Develop!

22 years of business experience, including the creation, development, management, and ultimate profitable sale of a "vertical market" software company, provides Aften with the tools necessary to assist you in any aspect of your business.

With a specialty in software development, Aften can also assist in other technical endeavors, such as aviation and invention product development. Over a dozen years of working with government contracts provides Aften with the tools necessary to prepare RFP's and proposals, and monitor the contracts they produce.

Aften also has extensive experience with the military, including international contracts in foreign countries.

If you have an existing business or an idea for a new business, be it software, patent product development, manufacturing, or a new and unique process, Aften can assemble the necessary professionals to help you follow your dream to fruition.

Please contact us, and tell us a little about yourself. Your information will be held in the strictest confidence. Maybe we can help you follow through to that "exit strategy" you have been seeking.